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Seattle's Top Ten Auto Thieves (as of June 2008)

Major Crimes Task Force is searching for the Top Ten Auto Thieves in Seattle.

Samantha C. Arellano

White female, 5'8 tall, 165 lbs. Seen with obvious tattoo on neck.

Louis S. Morris

Morris is also known as "Black Sidney."
Considered a 'violent offender' with two felony warrants.
Black male, 6'0 tall, 170 lbs

Jennifer Wendy Mcintire

White female, 5'8 tall, 155 lbs.

Robert C. Herrera

Herrera is also known as "Chrisbob."
Hispanic male, 5'10 tall, 165 lbs

Ay Chiang Saeturn

Asian male, 5'7 tall, 200 lbs

Garrett T. Jackson

Police warn Jackson may run, most often armed and on a stolen motorcycle.
White male, 5'11 tall, 215 lbs, Brown hair, Brown eyes.

Stephan- David Neveu

White male, 5'9 tall, 120 lbs

Phonesavanh Khounvichai

Asian male, 5'0 tall, 140 lbs

Zachary K. Hillis

White male, 5'11 tall, 210 lbs.
Brown hair, Blue eyes.

Curt Michael Cox

White male, 5'7 tall, 140 lbs
Brown hair, Brown eyes.


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I found this blog on a google search and boy am I glad I did. I thought I heard someone mention it in a free chat room.
Awesome read!

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